Single Tooth Replacement

Single Tooth Replacement

When a single tooth has to be removed due to damage or has already been lost, it leaves a hole that can affect both eating and confidence. One way to treat this is to have a single tooth implant put in place. This will include a titanium post installed under the gums to fuse with the jawbone and topped with, most frequently, a dental crown. Where the post fuses to the bone it creates a root like support for the crown, which will be created to match the surrounding teeth in both shape and colour, and it should last a lifetime.

With few age restrictions on the usefulness of the implant, people of almost all ages qualify for this type of dental procedure. It is not recommended for children, as the growth of the jaw and teeth is not yet completed, but there is no age limit when a person is too old for an implant, but decay in the jaw bone structure can rule out the implant as the post will not have a solid base. Our dentist in Vancouver will check the jaw for strength, damage, and decay before planning a procedure to improve it’s success.

Dental Implant treatment

At a high rate of success, the implant is built to match the surrounding teeth in both shape and colour, and they are checked to ensure the bite remains intact after installation. The single tooth replacement requires one post and one crown placed upon it. Crowns should last a lifetime and the material to create it is chosen with that intention. While the post is titanium and may be build like a screw, the crown or false tooth over it will be ceramic, porcelain, zirconia, or acrylic, the stronger the material the less likely there will be any chips or cracks throughout the lifetime of the dental implant. Your dentist will discuss all the options available and help to pick the right material for your needs, and discuss the full process before booking your procedure. When you leave the clinic you will be provided with after care instructions and there may be some pain in the site of the procedure. There is a chance of infection in the open gums where the implant was placed, and signs of infection should be watched for. Any puss, discharge, or increasing pain should be reported to the dentist immediately, and any antibiotics should be taken as prescribed. Our dental clinic staff will ensure you have all the information required to care for your dental implant during the healing procedure, and will answer all your questions fully. If a chip or crack should occur the implant can be fixed like a filling in any other tooth, but most will not require any repair if cared for properly. Caring for a dental implant is the same as caring for the teeth around it. Brushing, flossing, regular dentist visits and cleanings are all that is needed to care for the implant after healing has completed.

Our dentist, Dr. Shahdad Ayoughi, is trained and experienced in dental implants. Book your consultation at our dental clinic in Vancouver.