Porcelain Crown on Implant

Porcelain Crown on Implant

When a dental implant is installed it must be completed with a crown or a bridge. This goes over the top of the implant post and is the only portion that will be seen above the gum line. Created to look similar to the teeth around them and to blend in, the crown can be made of a few materials such as ceramic, porcelain, or even a glass mixture. A ceramic crown can last for several years, blends well with the teeth around them, and can be easily installed on an implant.

A porcelain crown is created from an impression of the teeth and will be made to match the teeth around it in colour and shape to blend well. Due to the shade of the material and the texture it blends extraordinarily well with natural teeth and can blend in a way that a metal or composite can not. It can be shaped easily and is strong enough to last for years without need of replacement, however crowns will usually require replacement or repair at some point. After a few years of use they will wear down, they may crack or even chip.

Regular dental care is important for any crown, whether it is over a damaged tooth or used to top off a dental implant. They should be brushed and flossed twice daily, just as natural teeth are, and regular dental visits should be maintained for both cleanings and to have the crown checked for any damage forming or problems that may occur. Preventative care is cheaper and easier than repairs can be.

When using a dental implant to replace a missing or extracted tooth a porcelain crown can be formed to fit the space between the other teeth and cover the implant.  It is easily moldeble and can be created in the shape necessary, as well as being able to be adjusted after being installed, allowing for the right alignment to be achieved. This creates an appearance of a natural tooth which is often a boost to the confidence of the patient.

Porcelain is highly compatible with the human body and therefore has a very low rate of reaction or allergy after being placed into the mouth either over a tooth or over a dental implant. Providing a safe, strong replacement that can appear closer to the natural teeth then other materials makes this a great choice for a crown.

Book your consultation at our Vancouver Implant Clinic to determine whether you require a dental implant with a crown and if porcelain is the right material for you. Our professional and experienced staff will help create a comfortable process and answer all your questions before the procedure and for the aftercare. We can fill all your dental implant needs including repair and replacement when required. When you have a damaged, infected, or missing tooth a dental implant can be the solution and a porcelain crown can offer a natural appearing, strong replacement that can be used for years to come, and requires only the same dental care that your other teeth will.