Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the Best replacement for dentures and dental plates. When a tooth becomes lost or needs to be removed it can often be replaced with a dental implant. This process implants a metal rod on which a crown or replacement tooth is placed to fill the gap and provide full use of the tooth. The process can replace one, two, or multiple teeth, up to and including the full set of bottom or top teeth with the use of four implanted rods. An implant is a permanent solution and should not require replacement, but may need repair.

To install a dental implant there may be a series of appointments, or in some instances it can be done all in one appointment, from removal to finished implant. When done in stages the first is to remove the broken or damaged tooth, or if a tooth has already been lost they begin with implanting the post. The post is implanted within the gums and fuses to the jaw bone to create a stable basis for the tooth. Once this has healed the dentist will install a crown where one tooth is missing, or will install a bridge where more then one tooth is being replaced.

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Created to look like the other teeth it should blend well with the teeth around it. Due to the strong base created by the metal rod fusing to the jaw all food choices and diets should resume as they were before.

Like a tooth, they may occasionally become chipped or form a slight crack, requiring repair with a filling. These are not common occurrences as they are created with materials meant to last a lifetime. An implant can be made with ceramic, porcelain, acrylic, or even zirconia. The implant post is made with titanium. Breakage is less common the stronger the material used for the replacement tooth.

We have a professional dentist fully trained and well experienced in dental implants, contact our clinic in Vancouver for your consultation. Allow us to help pick the correct procedure and material for both your budget and your lifestyle. Our professional staff will walk you through the procedure step by step and provide full after care instructions to encourage the healing process, answer all your questions, and help you through the whole procedure from tooth removal to full implant.

The loss of a tooth can be traumatic, especially when it is knocked out in a traumatic injury, but a replacement can be created and implanted with a dental implant procedure. The titanium post will support the crown or bridge for a lifetime, and our staff Vancouver Dental Implant is ready to help make it a smooth and safe procedure. Create a smile that will last a lifetime and return your diet to normal with the right implant for your life and needs.