Dental Implant treatment

Dental Implant Treatment

Although dental implants are built to last a lifetime, there can be damages that occur that require treatment or even replacement of the implant. Most often it can be repaired, and many of the repairs can be done quickly when required. Some of the most common repairs required include loose implant, cracked or broken implant post, moving of the implant post, damage to the crown itself, and even the implant post falling out. To avoid the more difficult to repair damages, all concerns should be addressed, and an appointment made with your dentist when changes are noticed, no matter how small they may seem.

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Most of the concerns that arise with a dental implant that require repair involve the healing process. All after care instructions must be followed, including the process of increasing the use of it slowly, as directed by your dentist. As the healing process continues for months after the installation of the implant it is important to allow it to heal uninterrupted.

When the implantation process does not go as needed, there can be problems such as it not setting firmly enough within the jaw bone and allow movement and wiggle, gingivitis and swelling around the implant hindering it’s correct placement and fusing, and beyond implantation inflammation, smoking, bone deterioration, and insufficient oral hygiene can allow it to become lose. Once the implant post becomes lose it is able to move and shift position. This allows it to crack more easily and to even to fall out if not corrected.

When the loosening of the implant is reported early it can be tightened and realigned before more damages occur. In some instances, the support post will crack or break, which may lead to replacement. When replacing the implant post it is considered a new implant completely and the old will be removed and a new one implanted in an appropriate place. This may require healing in between, or can be done the same day, depending on individual circumstances, it is important to consult your dentist, or call our implant clinic in Vancouver, for your consultation and ongoing care. If the post breaks removal can be harder and pieces may become stuck, requiring a full replacement. While it is unusual that a post become broken there is a possibility of a defective product or that it was not implanted correctly, so it must be monitored during the healing process to ensure it is strong and healthy.

In the even the crown or bridge becomes damaged it can often be repaired, though in some cases it may require replacing. Small cracks or damages can be filled with the same material the crown is made from, and regular dental cleaning and care will prevent staining and other damages from occurring. These appointments allow your dentist to check for any concerns in advance of them becoming a painful concern.

Vancouver Dental Implant is a professional clinic prepared to care for all your dental implant needs. Our trained staff and experienced dentist can explain the process, answer any questions, and help you prepare for the procedure and after care, as well as perform any repairs or corrections you may require to have a healthy implant.

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