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about vancouver dental implant centre

Dental Implant Master

Dr. shahdad ayoughi

Want to learn more about Vancouver Dental implant centre? Dr. Ayoughi began his career in dental care as dentist in 1991. He has practiced as Dentist in Vancouver at Parkview Dental since 2003. Dr. Ayoughi strives to provide excellence in dental care for his Vancouver and Lower Mainland clients, with a focus on cosmetic and implant dentistry.

about vancouver dental implant centre

Locations; Vancouver , Burnaby

Dr. Ayoughi’s goal is to provide the best dentist experience possible and care to all patients while ensuring that they are comfortable while in the chair. Dr. Ayoughi wants to give you the best Vancouver dentist experience.


A dental implant can replace a lost tooth, and titanium is a material that is strong enough to never require replacement while being easily accepted by the human body so there is a low risk of rejection. Contact our Vancouver Dental Implant Clinic to see if the titanium dental implant is the right choice for you.

Our dental clinic staff will ensure you have all the information required to care for your dental implant during the healing procedure, and will answer all your questions fully. If a chip or crack should occur the implant can be fixed like a filling in any other tooth, but most will not require any repair if cared for properly. Caring for a dental implant is the same as caring for the teeth around it. Brushing, flossing, regular dentist visits and cleanings are all that is needed to care for the implant after healing has completed.

Our dentist, Dr. Shahdad Ayoughi, is trained and experienced in dental implants. Book your consultation at our dental clinic in Vancouver.